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This is the roadmap of Remote.com: all the things we’ve done, are working on and the things we’re planning to do. Have an idea on what else we should do? Let us know by emailing job at remote dot com or tweeting @remote.
Work in progress
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Remote Operations as a Service

On request

Our team helps (soon to be) remote organizations work efficiently, and succesfully. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

New Look


We’re working on giving Remote.com a new look, all in the open. Follow along, and contribute in the GitLab project below.

We’re looking for volunteers to give some feedback. Let us know on Twitter if you want to participate.

Remote Company Index


What companies work remotely and how do they do that? We’ll be working on giving you an overview of that.


We’re launching a new blog! It’ll contain all future articles we’ll be writing. E.g. about remote working, running a company, and how we’re building Remote.com.

Have an idea for a good blog post? Let us know by creating an issue in the repository or emailing job at remote.


In our handbook, we write down how we run our company inside and out. Over time, we hope it becomes a good template on how to run a distributed company.

Feel free to take any part of it, as long as you refer back to us. And of course, it’s open source, so you can contribute to it directly.

Community Forum


A community forum to give feedback regarding Remote.com, discuss remote work, and share experiences related to remote work.

We’re looking for moderators! If you want to be a moderator, send us a message at job at remote dot com, with [moderator application] in the subject.

Remote v2.0


We’re rebuilding Remote.com from the ground up. It’ll be significantly easier to use, many times faster, and most importantly, ready for the future.

All data will be migrated, so if you want to stay in the loop, you can safely sign up today on Remote.com.


You’re looking at it! This is where you can quickly get an overview about the things we’re working on.

If you have any ideas to change the roadmap - be that this page or the actual things we’re working on: the roadmap is open source. You can contribute to it, just visit the repository below.